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Learn to accelerate your business with the latest B2B marketing techniques. Fill your calendar with appointments, use automated funnels to nurture prospects and close clients with advanced growth marketing tactics.

12 hours of hybrid training with weekly 1-1 feedback sessions for Marketers, CMO's, Business Owners & Sales.


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You probably offer a great product or service. When you have a meeting with a prospect, you usually score a deal. But the hardest part is getting to this meeting.

Cold calling is hard and difficult. Networking events can't happen. Everyone is fishing in the pond of classic ads.

There has to be a better way, right?

During this live training, we'll take you through how to be more efficient and effective in generating more and more quality leads.



What will you learn?

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You'll gain access to templates, slide decks, rewatchable content and advanced strategies for growth and tool implementation.


You'll learn the basics but will be challenged with more advanced marketing tactics.

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The leading growth agencies of the BeNeLux, Upthrust & Growforce, collaborated to design the best hands-on learning environment for Growth Marketing.

With a deep dive into B2B & B2C growth tactics, you'll gain instant knowledge on how to improve your KPI's with Growth Marketing.

Be coached by the best Growth Experts of the BeNeLux

Learn the latest marketing strategies of 2021 and the newest opportunities of 2022

The Growth Academy

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Your Coaches

Hi there! I am Alexander Lodeweyckx. Growth Hacker & Paid Social Expert at Upthrust. Together with 50+ Digital Performance Geeks, we run ads. Loads of Ads.

About the
4-Week B2B Growth Marketing Mentorship Academy

During the 4-week Mentorship Program we'll give you a deep dive into growth marketing with a very hands-on approach. We'll teach you the mindset, the skills and how to implement everything in your own company or project.

Learn from proven growth tactics and campaigns that we implemented for GrowForce and our clients.

There are no previous skills required and is perfect for anybody who is interested in growing a product, service, or company.

We've gathered the best tools, websites, books, best practices, examples, and exercises to make sure you end the course with everything you need to know to build and design your own growth tactics.




Attend weekly trainings, live feedback calls, and presentations from growth marketers and sales experts from GrowForce.

We provide 1-1 sessions where we answer your questions, give feedback on your work, and help you improve.

We will be there to help you every step of the way. We create communication channels, so you can directly contact us at any time.


You are welcome to come and follow the sessions at our HQ in Antwerp (Broederminstraat 19) but you are also able to join through the live stream.

COVID forced us to look for new ways of teaching, that's why we introduced these new hybrid sessions.

You can also choose to follow some sessions live and some sessions remote.

Your cold calling conversions increased through automation.

At the end of the course you will have...

Become more efficient in sales.

Know how to build converting landing pages

A collection of lead generation tools you can use to accelerate the growth of your business.

Know the common pitfalls of bad cold email.

Receive personalized feedback during the Q&A.

A clear sales strategy as a strong foundation to build on.


Increase your leadgeneration with more qualified leads.


Hi, I'm Nicholas. Co-Founder of GrowForce! After I sold my software Firm Plann3r, I started my journey to implement high-level growth within corporates and ambitious SME's. After almost 500 growth tracks, I'm excited to share my strategies and learnings with you.

Your curriculum

Week 1

  • LinkedIn 101 
  • LinkedIn Optimisation
  • LinkedIn Automation with Phantombuster
  • LinkedIn Tooling
  • LinkedIn posts that convert


Week 2


  • Blueprinting
  • CRM tooling
  • Lead organization
  • Copywriting for sales
  • How to write the best emails
  • Cold email tooling
  • Data scraping
  • Cold email and GDPR

Week 3


Week 4


  • Lead magnets that work
  • How to build converting landing pages
  • Marketing automation

When will it take place?

We have multiple starting dates. Please scroll up and pick a date that suits you best.

If you want to organize this course exclusively for your in-house sales -and marketing team please reach out to nicholas.dhondt@upthrust.eu.

Every session consists of a 3-hour hands-on live session. Next to that, you'll have weekly 1-1 sessions with your coach to get personalized feedback and guidance.

Weekly 1-1 sessions will be scheduled according to your availability.

Any Questions? We got you.

What is the location?

All sessions will be held online.

If we are able to host the sessions offline, we will let you know sufficiently in advance and discuss the availability with all participants.

What is the price?

Normal: € 1.300,00 excl. btw

Are you part of the community of one of our partners? Please reach out to discuss a special price.

4-Week B2B Growth Marketing Mentorship

10/01 - 17/01 - 26/01 - 31/01

€1300,00 (Excl. BTW)

Monday Morning

31/01 -21/02

09:00 - 12:00 (CET)


4-Week B2B Growth Marketing Mentorship

14/03 - 21/03 - 28/03 - 04/04

€1300,00 (Excl. BTW)

Monday Morning

14/03 -04/04

09:00 - 12:00 (CET)


Does the timing not fit your schedule or do you have some questions?

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Why a B2B Marketing Academy?

We'll look at things like efficient cold email campaigns, LinkedIn optimization, LinkedIn automation and using landing pages to ensure your calendar is filled with appointments.

✓ Learn our proven cold email method to get an appointment with anyone and grow your business. 

✓ Build a Lead Generation Machine with helpful tools to get consistent leads every month.

✓ How do you meet your dream clients as an entrepreneur, freelancer, business development professional, salesperson or consultant?

✓ How to write great emails that get responses, even if you have no copywriting experience.

✓ How to use Inbound & Outbound LinkedIn marketing to reach top sales professionals.

✓ How to use landing pages to convert your potential customers.


Use tools to make your job easier. Automate your outreach through a techstack.

Discover tools

More time

Spend less time on manual outreach and more time on quality.

Qualitative profiles

Reach more people who are also more qualified for your search


Differentiate yourself from others through personalized messaging.


Receive free templates that can be implemented the same day.

Design inbound and outbound funnels.