Data Visualisation Expert

At Upthrust we create digital growth solutions that take away technical complexity for people and businesses. We do so with a team of bright minds purposefully brought together to optimize digital experiences. Together, our collective brain is capable of things we individually would not dare dream of. Upthrust stands for happily taking the opportunity to live out our future, today.

Your mission

Digital Analytics, and hence Data Visualisation  has become a cornerstone of doing business online in today’s digital world. Upthrust is actively searching for a Data Visualisation Expert to join our team. As a Data Visualisation Expert, you will be focussing on building insightful performance dashboards and data visualizations. Based on clearly presented results from data-driven experiments and insights, you will help optimize our clients’ digital experiences.

Your responsibilities

As a Data Visualisation Expert you feel comfortable taking on the following responsibilities:

Your knowledge and experience

Educational profile

Master degree in marketing, business, computer or data science, or related field. Or equivalent through experience. The more experience you have the better, but no stress, we always factor in your learning ability.

Business experience

Technical Experience


Functional experience

Your attitude & aptitudes

All team members experience daily the value of continuous thoughtful communication on the why, what and how of each mission. You’ll enjoy working at Upthrust a Digital Analyst if you can recognize yourself as having these characteristics.

Work approach

Language requirements

Our offer

People are the most valuable component at Upthrust. You’ll quickly feel that productivity, growth and even our success all come from the respect we have for each other.

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