Performance Marketer

Performance Marketer

Your Mission

CRO is your second nature, you breathe CPM and PPC and you dream of beating smart bidding tools. You’re getting slightly frustrated when ad accounts or analytics aren’t set up properly and lack structure. You love to find ‘the winning recipe for conversion’ by optimizing both paid and organic traffic funnels.

Daily challenges: 

Who You Are

You’re combining at least 1 year of experience as a Performance Marketer with a fluency in Dutch or French combined with English and a decent knowledge of Facebook advertising, Google Ads, Google Analytics and a strong affinity with technical marketing skills. You can look at things from a business perspective and you have a data-driven growth mindset, focused on experimentation, automation and results. We care more about an ambitious side project or an entrepreneurial initiative than we care about your degree. 

There’s a DNA match if this sounds like you: 

Soft skills we have a soft spot for: 

Our Offer: a full time contract

Who we are

Upthrust is a #1 international growth office that focuses on acquisition, conversion and retention automation. We work from different locations within Europe for both larger SMEs and corporates. Our team works on-site and actively transfers knowledge to the client’s internal team. Upthrust is an initiative of The House of Marketing, a leading consulting office for sales & marketing strategy. 

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