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Your Mission

CRO is your second nature, you breathe CPM and PPC and you dream of beating smart bidding tools. You’re getting slightly frustrated when ad accounts or analytics aren’t set up properly and lack structure. You love to find ‘the winning recipe for conversion’ by optimizing both paid and organic traffic funnels.

Daily challenges: 

  • Find the right mix of online advertising channels: Google Search, Google Display, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. based on the client’s needs and in function of the relevant business objectives. 
  • Implement cross-channel ROAS optimizations based on clear business logic and the net or gross contribution that your campaigns must deliver towards the company’s profits. 
  • Set up online campaigns from scratch and optimize them. 
  • Measure the effectiveness of campaigns and optimize where necessary. 
  • Identify the right audience and target them properly. 
  • Install Pixels and generate UTM tags. 
  • Write scripts to simplify your manual work in campaigns and to be able to scale faster towards targets. 
  • Create, select and continuously adjust the best converting visuals, assets and calls-to-actions. 
  • Advise clients on the correct (mix of) attribution models. 
  • Set up actionable dashboards in tools such as Google Data Studio, Databox, Power BI, Supermetrics, etc. You will also convert raw data into dashboards that are tailored to the KPIs of the business. 
  • One time be working in a B2B context where you mainly focus on lead generation. Other times you will work in a B2C e-commerce environment where you manage net distribution of the extra topline revenue that you bring in through the performance campaigns. 
  • Implement the latest trends and never ever stop learning ?

Who You Are

You’re combining at least 1 year of experience as a Performance Marketer with a fluency in Dutch or French combined with English and a decent knowledge of Facebook advertising, Google Ads, Google Analytics and a strong affinity with technical marketing skills. You can look at things from a business perspective and you have a data-driven growth mindset, focused on experimentation, automation and results. We care more about an ambitious side project or an entrepreneurial initiative than we care about your degree. 

There’s a DNA match if this sounds like you: 

  • Be bold. Be brave. Be you. 
    We love people with a great story. Tell us yours! 
  • Move fast, break things. 
    We don’t overthink or wait for perfect conditions but take immediate action instead. 
  • Go for growth! 
    For our clients, for Upthrust and for everyone in our team. 
    On our way to #worlddomination. 
  • We are digital. 
    We’re testing the latest trends and try out the newest tools and technologies to stay up to date. Many of us have our own digital project on the side, that’s how passionate we are. 
  • Fail hard, win faster. 
    You cannot grow without failing! 

Soft skills we have a soft spot for: 

  • An effective way of communicating 
  • Great project & stakeholder management skills 
  • A commitment to continuous learning 
  • A high level of accountability & dedication 
  • Flexibility: it works both ways ? 
  • The core values we share in the Quanteus Group: integrity, no subordination, stakeholder value creation, passion, independence, respect, entrepreneurship. 
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