Generate more revenue from marketplaces

Selling on marketplaces is hard. Let our expertise guide you and join the brands that have skyrocketed their sales on marketplaces.

Selling on marketplaces is hard

Offering your products on marketplaces has huge potential.
But there are pitfalls to success.

Complex setup process

Competing channels (website/ store)

Price pressure

Changing regulation

Competing suppliers

We help you launch, optimize and grow your brand on marketplaces. 

What marketplaces, products, regions and pricing? We help you build the right business case.

Marketplace strategy 
Seller analyses

Market potential scan

Product potential scan

Brand protection & registry

Pricing strategy 

Automated connections with your current tech stack and all the best practices for a product listing.

Account creation & support

Product feed configuration

Prodcut page creation & timization 

Product lisiting 

Inventory management & forecasting

Ratings & reviews

By driving targeted advertisements, we increase your findability and sales.

Sponsored Brand

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Displays

Amazon DSP

Define the right strategy

Optimize your setup

Accelerate with advertising

Incremental revenue 

Higher ROAS

More regions

Our experts understand online growth

Upthrust is an award-winning agency that works with
the top 5% digital talent in the market

Florence Dierick

Strategy Expert

Marketplace Expert

Amaury Timmermans

Tom de Moor

Technical lead

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Full-stack marketers

All the expertise you need for growth on marketplaces: growth marketeers, technical experts, copywriters, media buyers.

Who have seen it before

We have successfully scaled 100+ brands with an omnichannel strategy. From retail and e-comm to marketplaces, we help you grow your brand.

Supported by complementary experts

As part of the Customer Collective group, we have access to Strategic Marketeers, Creative Experts and Technology Implementors to support your project.

Define your strategy

Setup one or multiple marketplaces

Optimize and grow your product pages

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