6-Week Growth Marketing Mentorship Course

Learn how to accelerate and implement growth in your business within 6 weeks. Hands-on online mentorship program made for Marketers, CMO’s and Business owners who are willing to accelerate and improve their marketing efforts.

6-Week Growth Marketing Mentorship Course

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"I've learned A LOT within 6 weeks! We were implementing growth in our company simultaneously with the course. Almost immediately we saw great learnings and results even before we finished the trainings."

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What is Growth Marketing?

Less Input, More Results

Growth marketing is marketing viewed in a different way. Less input, more output. More targeted communication and making things that seem impossible possible. With a combination of a creative mindset and digital tools, a marketing strategy can be taken to the next level.

Non-traditional Marketing

The classic ways of marketing are no longer sufficient. Standing still is going backwards. But where can we evolve to? What are new ways of dealing with marketing?

3 reasons why you should care about it

Every day, new competitors arise. It’s time to outsmart them instead of outspending them
space rocket
Growth Marketing brings different kind of profiles together. Leading to new and innovative solutions
Growth Marketing generates a lot of data so you can learn more about your (potential) customers

The Growth Academy

Be coached by the best Growth Experts of the BeNeLux

The leading growth agencies of the BeNeLux, Upthrust & Growforce, collaborated to design the best hands-on learning environment for Growth Marketing.

Learn the latest marketing strategies of 2021 and the newest opportunities of 2022

With a deep dive into B2B & B2C growth tactics, you'll gain instant knowledge on how to improve your KPI's with Growth Marketing.

Gain Lifetime Acces to our Platform

Once subscribed you gain lifetime access to your course and added bonuses.

  • Coached Companies
  • Trained Professionals
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Bonus Exclusive Content
You'll gain access to templates, slide decks, rewatchable content and advanced strategies for growth and tool implementation. You'll learn the basics but will be challenged with more advanced marketing tactics.

About the 4-Week B2B Growth Marketing Mentorship Academy

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Hands-on approach
  • A deep dive into growth marketing with a very hands-on approach
  • Implementation of everything in your own company or project
  • Learn from proven growth tactics and campaigns that we implemented
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No previous skills required
  • No previous skills required
  • No previous skillInterested in growing a product, service, or companys required
  • Best tools, websites, books, best practices, examples, and exercises
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Full time support
  • Weekly trainings, live feedback calls, and presentations
  • 1-1 sessions where we answer your questions
  • Communication channels, so you can directly contact us at any time

Goals you will reach

Reached Goal Topic
Your cold calling conversions increased through automation
Reached Goal Topic
A clear sales strategy as a strong foundation to build on
Reached Goal Topic
Know the common pitfalls of bad cold email
Reached Goal Topic
Become more efficient in sales
Reached Goal Topic
Know how to build converting landing pages
Reached Goal Topic
Design inbound and outbound funnels
Reached Goal Topic
Receive personalized feedback during the Q&A
Reached Goal Topic
A collection of lead generation tools you can use to accelerate the growth of your business
Reached Goal Topic
Increase your leadgeneration with more qualified leads

Your curriculum

Week 1: LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn 101
LinkedIn Optimisation
LinkedIn Automation with Phantombuster
LinkedIn Tooling
LinkedIn posts that convert

Week 2: Sales Strategy and Blueprinting
Week 3: Cold Emailing and Finding Data
Week 4: Landingspages and Automation

Ready to get started?

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Course Ended
10 Jan - 14 Feb
Monday morning 9-12 (CET)

10 January
17 January
26 January
31 January

€ 1300,00

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Course Ended
2 Feb - 2 Mar
Monday morning 9-12 (CET)

10 January
17 January
26 January
31 January

€ 1300,00

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10 Apr - 24 Jun
Monday morning 9-12 (CET)
  • 10 January
  • 17 January
  • 26 January
  • 31 January
  • 10 January
  • 17 January
  • 26 January
  • 31 January
€ 1500,00

€ 1300,00

excl. BTW

Frequently asked to us

When will it take place?
We have multiple starting dates. Please scroll up and pick a date that suits you best
If you want to organize this course exclusively for your in-house sales -and marketing team please reach out to nicholas.dhondt@upthrust.eu
Every session consists of a 3-hour hands-on live session. Next to that, you'll have weekly 1-1 sessions with your coach to get personalized feedback and guidance
Weekly 1-1 sessions will be scheduled according to your availability
What is the location?
All sessions will be held online
If we are able to host the sessions offline, we will let you know sufficiently in advance and discuss the availability with all participants
What is the price?
Normal: € 1.300,00 excl. btw
Are you part of the community of one of our partners? Please reach out to discuss a special price

Some other questions?

Book a free call with one of our experts right here.

Other courses we have?

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