We boost your efficiency, visualise your data & improve communication.

We specialise in developing cutting-edge enterprise apps that play a critical role in driving productivity & enhancing operational efficiency.

Our mission is to empower businesses like yours with highly performant enterprise-grade digital solutions tailored to meet users’ needs and seamlessly integrate with existing systems & workflows. 📈

We help these organisations achieve operational excellence.

Why choose Upthrust to be your Enterprise App Development Partner? 🤔

Experience you can trust
We take pride in our ability to deliver enterprise apps that drive real results. Our track record speaks for itself, and we have a growing list of satisfied clients who have witnessed the transformative power of our solutions.
Future-proof solutions
We boost employee engagement & productivity by crafting digital solutions that 100% support your workforce in their everyday jobs.
The Power of AI
Harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, we infuse our apps with advanced AI functionalities. This not only makes data visualization a breeze but also streamlines processes, helping you make data-driven decisions faster and more effectively.
Collaboration for Success
We believe that successful app development stems from close collaboration with your organization’s teams. By understanding your unique requirements and aligning with your overarching business objectives, we ensure that the end product is precisely what you envision.
Integrated with your digital ecosystem
We fully respect your IT department standards & guidelines to ensure a flawless integration with your existing systems and platforms.

Our Data- & Value-Driven Approach to building high performing apps.

Our 4 most important steps for setting up your Enterprise App.

Our Data- & Value-Driven Approach to building high performing apps.

Our 4 most important steps for setting up your Enterprise App.
We structure all the information received and tailor it to your context, goals and needs to enable an optimal project start.
Together we create a vision for your digital product by having a closer look at these 3 metrics: expectation, realisation and feasibility.
We can work quickly because the product vision is crystal clear and we do not have to start from a theoretical plan or hypotheses.
You are never finished. Keep an eye on the performance of your digital product and continuously develop it to further drive efficiency.

What Tools do we use?

With these tools we bring
your Digital Solution to the next level. 🚀
Popular & powerful PHP web application framework designed for building robust & scalable web applications.
  • Their clean & expressive syntax simplifies development, making code easier to read and maintain.
  • Built-in modularity allows developers to organise and reuse code, improving scalability and development speed.
  • Powerful Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system, Eloquent, streamlines database interactions & enhances database management
  • Vast ecosystem with numerous packages & libraries, accelerating development & extending functionality.
  • Built-in features like hashing, CSRF protection & safeguarding against common vulnerabilities.
JavaScript library for building user interfaces, particularly for creating dynamic & interactive web applications.
  • React’s component-based architecture promotes modularity, reusability & easier maintenance of code.
  • React’s Virtual DOM efficiently updates only the necessary parts of the actual DOM, resulting in better performance & faster rendering.
  • Its declarative approach simplifies UI development by focusing on “what” needs to be shown, rather than “how” to achieve it.
  • React has a large & active community, ensuring regular updates, extensive documentation & a lot of third-party libraries.
  • React can be used on the server-side to render components, making it more search engine-friendly compared to purely client-side-rendered applications.
React Native
Cross-platform mobile app development framework that allows developers to build native mobile applications using JavaScript & React.
  • Cross-Platform Development to easily deploy on both iOS & Android platforms, saving time & resources.
  • React Native apps offer near-native performance, thanks to its bridge to native components.
  • Reuse code components across different platforms, streamlining development & maintenance.
  • Instantly see code changes during development without restarting the app, increasing productivity.
  • Benefit from a vast community of developers & libraries, providing extensive support & resources.
Open-source JavaScript runtime environment that allows executing JavaScript code on the server-side, enabling scalable & event-driven applications.
  • Node.js’s non-blocking, event-driven architecture allows handling a large number of concurrent connections with optimal performance.
  • Its built-in V8 JavaScript engine from Chrome ensures speedy code execution, making it ideal for real-time applications.
  • Node.js has a rich ecosystem of packages in the npm registry, offering a wide range of pre-built modules & libraries for rapid development.
  • Using JavaScript both on the client and server-side streamlines the development process & reduces context-switching for developers.
  • Node.js has an active and vibrant community that regularly contributes to its growth, providing continuous updates, tools & resources.
Popular open-source front-end web application platform developed by Google for building dynamic & robust single-page applications (SPAs).
  • Modular Architecture allows for organised & maintainable code through its powerful dependency injection system.
  • Two-way data binding synchronizes the model & view automatically, reducing manual manipulation & enhancing development speed.
  • Extensive set of built-in tools, CLI & rich ecosystem accelerate development & promote best practices.
  • Offers the ability to create progressive web apps & native mobile apps with Angular’s mobile framework, Ionic.
  • With Google’s backing, Angular has a thriving community, ensuring continuous updates, extensive documentation & a vast array of resources.
cloud-based design & prototyping tool that enables collaborative interface design & development.
  • Cloud-based platform allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously, facilitating seamless teamwork & feedback.
  • Works on both Windows and macOS, making it accessible to designers using different operating systems.
  • Enables designers to create interactive prototypes, offering a realistic user experience for testing & validation.
  • Automatically saves design versions and allows users to revisit previous iterations, minimising the risk of data loss.
  • Simplifies the handoff process by generating CSS, SVG, and other assets, facilitating smooth communication between designers and developers.

Corporate App Digital Strategy Session

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🔍 Full-Process-Screening

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🔧 Success Assessment

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📈 UI/UX-Mapping

We map the User interaction and Experience of your solution

📊 Data Audit

We make sure that we won’t miss any valuable data