Digital Product Studio

Building your digital products. Better, faster, leaner, together.

We launch agile squads and a future-proof architecture within your company, allowing you to get in control and accelerate your digital ambitions.
Define the delivery model
Set up the digital product studio operating model that fits your organisation
Build the products
Build digital products like websites, apps, e-commerce and marketing automation.

Why a digital product studio?

The need for a new model

The traditional agency model does not support the digital ambitions of companies today.
  • Agency dependency
    My agency is controlling the digital platform. I need to ask & pay for the smallest updates, and have limited access to my own customer data.
  • Scattered digital initiatives
    Different digital touch points are owned by different parts of my organisation, and they work with different agencies and technologies. This results in a scattered experience and lack of synergies in software licenses and external sourcing.
  • Limited digital talent
    I am not able to hire the right digital talent as we don’t have a sufficiently attractive job environment to offer to these profiles. Yet this talent will become increasingly important for my company in the future.

Better, faster, leaner, together

The digital product studio is a fresh, new and proven delivery model that actually works.
  • More ownership
    The digital product studio model puts you in control of your digital technology, customer data, talent sourcing strategy and digital content on different channels.
  • Dedicated squads
    The digital product studio is a dedicated entity within your organization that consists of agile squads who build & manage new digital solutions, for your entire organisation, steered from a central team, using a central platform
  • A place to grow digital talent
    With its design thinking and agile way of working, the digital product studio offers the right environment to host and grow your digital talent, and plug in external expertise where needed.

How a digital product studio works

We set up a cross-functional agile squad that we plug into your organisation in a collaborative setting. This blended squad’s mission will be to build high quality digital products, in a fast and lean way, while ensuring you gain the ownership on the technology, data and content.

Define the delivery model

Define the digital studio set-up that best fits within your company, to allow you to build digital products:

  • Better
  • Faster
  • Leaner

Build the products

Build your digital product to uplift your omni-channel customer experience:

  • Websites and mobile apps
  • eCommerce and content management systems
  • Marketing automation


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