Digital Product Studio
Set up your digital product studio

Set up your digital product studio

Set up an operating model where you can deliver better digital products in a faster and leaner way, and get in control.

The challenges organisations face today

Disconnected experiences across digital touch points
Different digital touch points are owned by different parts of they organisation, working with different agencies and technologies. This results in a scattered experience and a lack of synergies in sourcing and licenses.
Organisational silos & lack of speed in delivery
We have many silo’s in our organisation and responsibilities for digital solutions are not always clear. Optimizing existing or building new digital solutions goes very slowly as too many stakeholders are involved.
Difficulties to attract & retain the right digital talent
Difficulty to hire the right digital talent as there is not really a sufficiently attractive job environment to offer to these profiles. Yet digital talent will become increasingly important to have for all companies in the future.
Our Solution
We believe the traditional agency model has grown outdated as companies need to get more control of their online experience, digital technology and customer data.
Digital has become a key element to drive your business and as such it should not be fully outsourced to your agencies
Traditional agency approach
Silo’s launching digital initiatives with agencies, disconnecting the experience
Strategic digital talent and activities are being fully outsourced
Significant overhead cost to manage various parties and connect different technologies
Our Approach
Launch a dedicated entity within your organisation to deliver digital products
Set up agile squads, blending your own people with external expertise
Get control on the customer experiences using a centralized digital architecture

Ready to get started?

Inspiration session
We inspire with concrete examples on how other organisations successfully apply the digital product studio model.
  • 2 hour inspiration session
  • Studio model insights
  • Concrete case studies
  • Tips to get started
Delivery model audit
We perform a quick audit on your current delivery model, and set up an actional roadmap for improvement.
  • 3 week project
  • Pain point analysis
  • Recommendation formulation
  • Action plan to boost delivery
Digital studio set-up
We help you to set up your own digital product studio that will best fit in your specific organisation structure.
  • Define the digital projects
  • Set squad structures (int/ext)
  • Define employer branding
  • Align with Marketing and IT
Studio delivery support
I need support for my studio regarding a specific expert capability or to take on full ownership of a squad.
  • Growth marketeers
  • Service, UX and UI designers
  • Front- & back-end developers
  • Data scientists