Tech Lead

Your mission as a Tech Lead at Upthrust

Your key mission: To manage a team of developers as a technical expert.

As a Tech Lead, you:

About Upthrust and Customer Collective

The Upthrust Digital Product Studio’s mission is to boost the business performance of our ambitious customers through relevant and valuable digital products and services. 

For us, it is not about one-shots. We aim to structurally help our customers to become great “digital performers” through strategy, design & development 🚀 

At Upthrust Digital Studio we:

Customer Collective is an exciting and continuously changing ecosystem under which we host different brands, like Upthrust. 

All our brands have only one purpose: to be a genuine home for experts in specific domains. In other words, to create an environment for like-minded people to enjoy work and further develop skills and talents. 

The real power of Customer Collective lies in integrating our top talents and diversity in multidisciplinary teams, fit to tackle specific customers’ challenges. Together we always strive for premium quality and tangible business impact. 

We challenge the status quo and continue to reinvent ourselves, expand our portfolio and grow both organically and through acquisitions. 

As a Tech Lead, you can be part of this! 

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