PRESS RELEASE – Upthrust and Verbolia Join Forces to Accelerate Growth Marketing in the Benelux Market

Cedric Nauwelaerts
Cedric Nauwelaerts

Diegem, July 7th 2021 – Verbolia, the scalable traffic acquisition platform for e-commerce, and Upthrust, a leading European growth marketing firm, announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership. Upthrust will leverage Verbolia’s expertise and technology to further empower it’s growth framework in the market to allow hypergrowth of its clients across Europe.

Upthrust aims to bring a unified approach in delivering hyper-growth to ambitious SMEs and corporates in the European market. Overall, Upthrust’s model focuses on empowering B2C and B2B brands to optimize their full-funnel expansion using their proprietary five-step growth marketing framework.

Verbolia’s objective is to become the top-of-mind platform for e-commerce teams that need an easy way to generate super-optimized landing pages at large scale. Verbolia’s mission is  to accompany e-commerce firms at various stages of their development and help them increase their sales returns. 

The partnership with Verbolia will bring Upthrust the opportunity to provide its clients added value with the latest innovations in the SEO-world. And as a result they will be able to achieve an uplift in organic performance for their clients.

We decided to partner with Verbolia because it allows us to generate more organic traffic for our clients in an automated and accelerated way. We have been keeping a close eye on Verbolia for a while now and are very impressed with their results. We are convinced that implementing this tool for our clients will provide a boost in organic traffic and sales. SEO is still part of a long-term business strategy but with Verbolia we can now give our clients the quick wins that we all want to see more easily.”said Raph van Prooije, Lead SEO at Upthrust.

“We’re delighted with this partnership! Upthrust is the cream of the crop when it comes to growth acceleration. With its pragmatic and innovative approach, Upthrust has enabled a significant number of businesses, of different sizes, to boost their growth. At Verbolia, we firmly believe that this collaboration will be a great stepping stone to our evolution and help us reach our goals in the near future.” – said  Pierre-Olivier Danhaive, CEO & Founder of Verbolia

About Upthrust

Upthrust is a #1 international growth office that focuses on full-funnel growth marketing and building better digital experiences that actually convert. We work from different locations in Europe for both larger SMEs and corporates. Our team works on-site and actively transfers knowledge to your team. Upthrust is an initiative by The House of Marketing, a leading international strategy consultancy office for marketing & sales. For further details, go to

About Verbolia

Verbolia is a scalable traffic acquisition platform for e-commerce players, that is disrupting the way to approach search marketing as an E-commerce company, with a super innovative SaaS technology. They are growing very rapidly internationally and have been elected the Belgian Startup of the Year 2021.  They also won several awards like the IAB MIXX Award for the “Best MarkAd-Tech Tools” and the Digital Wallonia Acceleration award.

Upthrust PR Contact

Dennis de Cat
Managing Partner
Phone: +32 499 12 97 52

Verbolia PR Contact

Pierre-Oliver Danhaive