How a Single Growth Marketeer can Book Meetings for Multiple Sales Professionals, Using out-of-the-box Chatbot Technology


“Chatbots only solve reactive sales and customer success tasks…”

The majority of sales and marketing leadership thinks of chatbots as a technology for reactive tasks:

  • Greeting people when they land on your website, landing page or app
  •  Providing immediate responses to simple questions
  • Allowing inbound leads to correctly qualify themselves

The clear added value of implementing chatbots to your website or digital support is that they scale the ability to be helpful to the people who are already dropping by.

When it comes to a form of A.I. in today’s business environments, the machine doesn’t have to fool people. It just needs to help them and thereby help the business that deploy these technologies.

At Uptrhust, we look at A.I. tools as the only way to scale ‘helpfulness’ to a very large community of (your) customers, especially for those companies with a small sales and marketing team.

For the latter situation, it can produce immediate results, as you basically will catch leads that had been slipping through the sales net.

Unlike sales reps or customer success representatives, which can only engage with a handful of website visitors simultaneously, chatbots can engage with hundreds, thousands, or potentially even millions of visitors simultaneously, which means the experience is easily scalable.

Deploying chatbots proactively

Upthrust Chatbots AI Configuration

If chatbots would be only serving as intelligent safety slopes for our website, we wouldn’t be writing this insight 😉

Sales and marketing teams can also configure them to setup new lead generation flows to support sales.

How? By creating custom hyperlinks that trigger chatbot conversations, and then sharing those links on social media, or in emails, or wherever you want to share them, you can proactively start adding new leads to your growth funnel.

Depending on how you configure your chatbots, step two could be to serve those hot prospects a few qualifying questions, and then the sales qualified leads (SQL’s) could be given the opportunity to schedule meetings on a sales professional’s calendar.

The entirety of this process, from the moment the hot prospect clicks your link to the time that he or she books a meeting with a sales professional, can take just a few seconds, and it requires zero intervention on the part of your sales and marketing team

In fact, there are really only two things salespeople are on the hook for here.

First, they need to connect their digital calendars so the chatbot can let sales qualified leads schedule meetings with them.

Second, they need to prepare and get to those meetings. Apart from that, a qualified growth marketer can set up the chatbot (without having to write any single line of code) and configure the entire interactive process.

Do you want to offer the same experience to entice your future customers?

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