PRESS RELEASE – Upthrust and Victus Sales join forces to boost B2B Growth Marketing in the Benelux Market.

Stefan Herrebosch
Stefan Herrebosch

Diegem & Genk, April 14th, 2021 — Victus Sales, a best-in-class call center based in Belgium specialized in qualifying B2B leads and closing B2B deals, and Upthrust, a leading European growth marketing firm, announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership. Upthrust will leverage Victus Sales’ expertise and technology to power its five-step growth framework in the market to further allow hypergrowth of its clients across Europe.

Upthrust aims to bring a unified approach in delivering hyper-growth to ambitious SMEs and corporates in the European market. Overall, Upthrust’s model focuses on empowering B2C and B2B brands to optimize their full-funnel expansion using their proprietary five-step growth marketing framework.

Victus Sales’ has a mission to be the industry leader in the field of lead follow-up and deal closing via fast follow-up of leads and automating the scheduling of calls into the agenda of salesteams. Victus Sales wants to help ambitious SMEs and corporates with increasing their sales efficiency and increasing their lead-to-sales ratio.

The partnership with Victus Sales will bring Upthrust the in-house power to have full-funnel control over the lead campaigns that it runs for its B2B clients. As a result, Upthrust can take full ownership over top-line and bottom-line impact and even help organizations that have a limited in-house capacity to follow up on leads that are generated via Upthrust lead campaigns.

We’ve decided to partner with Victus Sales because this allows us to run closed-loop growth sprints. This way we can guarantee our clients the necessary amount of qualified leads, and even closed deals. We have seen that generating leads is one thing, yet more often than not, leads are not always followed up properly internally by organizations, for example, because of limited in-house capacity. Therefore we have been screening the market for options to close-the-loop. This search has led to first collaborations with Victus Sales, where we immediately could feel the added value of having full control over all the steps of the funnel.” said Dennis De Cat, Managing Partner at Upthrust.

The partnership was launched with its first joint customers, Ansell, a world leader in health and safety protections, and SD Worx, a big name in the HR Service industry. And to say the least, the impact of the joint collaboration was clear as of day one. One of the activities we’ve started with was the activation of ‘old leads’, being it leads that were not actively followed up in the last 3 weeks. Result? An astonishing Hit Ratio of 73% of ‘Old Leads’ who actively communicated a sales intent after we had contacted them with the right scripts, of which 75% had an intent to buy something in less than 3 months. The same high results were shown when actively – within the 24hour timeframe – following up new leads that we had generated via B2B lead campaigns: 78% confirmed their sales intent with 77% of them willing to buy services within the upcoming 3 months.

With Upthrust, we’ve found a strategic partner that is very complementary to Victus Sales. Upthrust has a relentless focus on creating impact for its clients which is exactly in line with our vision. The tandem that we can create allows clients to fully outsource their lead generation management, and only focus on those leads that we have identified as sales qualified leads, and relevant for follow-up. Since we even go as far as planning in the sales calls of the hot leads in the agendas of the sales team, growth can actually run on autopilot! ” said Tasso Limneos, Country Manager Belgium at Victus Sales.

About Upthrust

Upthrust is a #1 international growth office that focuses on full-funnel growth marketing and building better digital experiences that actually convert. We work from different locations in Europe for both larger SMEs and corporates. Our team works on-site and actively transfers knowledge to your team. Upthrust is an initiative by The House of Marketing, a leading international strategy consultancy office for marketing & sales. For further details, go to

About Victus

Victus Sales is a Top-Tier sales enabling office specialized in teleservices and facilitation of lead funnel follow-up by directly planning high-intent sales opportunities in the agenda of sales teams at large SMEs and for corporate organizations.

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