Google Smart Display, everybody uses it, why should you use it too?

Jeremy Engelen
Jeremy Engelen

Google Smart Display, everybody uses it, why should you use it too?

This article is for all the digital marketers desiring to use Google Display faster and in a way they touch the most qualified audiences for their business

The smart display is an alternative to the classic Display that executes your full Display audience strategy at once, using automation. 

Here are the 3 automated features the Smart Display is going to bring to your business

  1. Targeting 
    1. Re-engage
      Serve to your existing audiences relevant, powerful messages in every moment that matters.
    2. Expand
      Extend your reach to new, qualified users who you’ve never connected with before
  2. Bidding
    Smart display focuses on conversions. It will leverage your Target Cost per Acquisition and the probability of conversions rather than clicks. As a result, it will provide you the best value for your investment.
  3. Creating ads
    Stop bothering yourself in creating and monitoring 25 ads. Just add your creatives, write a bunch of descriptions and sit back, watch and learn! Google will combine them to most effective combination with the ideal format to be showcased to your future & existing customers

Example ? 

Let’s say you’re a real estate company that wants to highlight new houses in a specific neighborhood. Your customers will be searching about this neighborhood’s prices, schools, supermarkets, local businesses, … 

Smart display is going to use all these intents to know what users are the most likely to convert, and in addition to that, will target them with the right message

With its 3-minute setup, Smart Display could soon become your very best friend!