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Expert work

Our experts are involved in many different projects or expert roles. Have a look at what’s going on at the moment.

  • Drupal Expert
    Brussels 6 months
    Expert role
  • Digital manager
    Brussels 12 months
    Expert role
  • Project lead intranet
    Brussels 3 months
    Digital project
  • Content marketeer
    Industrial goods
    Kortrijk 1 month
    Expert role
  • UX/UI designer
    Brussels 2 months
    Expert role
  • Conversion specialist
    Brussels 2 months
    Expert role
  • E-commerce growth track
    Toys & baby
    Tubize 3 months
    Digital project
  • Digital growth plan
    Toys & Baby
    Brussels 2 months
    Digital project


  • Quote mark We are currently running our marketing automation stack. Oppie has the digital skills and mindset that enable us to prototype and deploy faster than ever. He got up to speed with our digital stack in a jiffy.

    Kurt Van Cleemput Marketing Manager Residential @ EDF Luminus

We focus
on 6 domains

We DO digital in all its aspects. From UX specialists that help you optimize the user experience to acquisition specialists and growth hackers who like to break things really fast and boost your business even higher.

Our digital experts range from UX designers to agile project managers. They all have in common that they master the foundations of digital operations, from basic email campaigns to solid understanding of the most relevant digital actions.

Our experts typically take these roles and functions:

online marketeer
digital expert
digital officer
community manager
social content creator
web analytics

Our performance experts have a passion for results. No campaign without a good measurement model in place.

Our experts typically take these roles and functions:

sea expert
seo expert
programmatic buyer
web analytics specialist
conversion specialist
affiliate marketeer
social advertising specialist
digital media specialist

Our UX/UI team is passionate about you as a person, potential customer, human being and online prospect. They are trained to design for the best possible experience.

Our experts typically take these roles and functions:

ux analyst
visual ux/ui designer
customer journey marketer
service designer
ux researcher
interaction designer

A new era comes with new management and growth methodologies. Our experts have the ability to use design thinking methodologies to come with new growth marketing plans and manage them efficiently applying the agile philosophy.

Our experts typically take these roles and functions:

scrum master
agile project manager
product owner
digital manager
growth hacker
growth marketer
digital project manager

Our team of technology consultants advises companies who are about to (re)design their marketing/IT stack and who want to make the best out of it. Our skills range from mainstream e-commerce technologies (magento, prestashop, etc.) to more extensive automation suites (adobe, marketo, etc.)

Our experts typically take these roles and functions:

technical consultant
digital analyst
technology stack advisory
e-commerce manager
marketing automation consultant

Facebook business manager and Google adwords are just too basic for you? Great! Our digital media experts are keen on challenges when it comes to installing and managing DMP’s, Googe Doubleclick-like tools and setting up proper dashboarding. Want to get control of your media stack? Then hire a digital media manager from UPTHRUST!

Our experts typically take these roles and functions:

Digital media manager
Doubleclick expert
Media stack developer
DSP manager
Ad exchange specialist

6 reasons why clients
choose for UPTHRUST

  • +100 years of combined experience in digital marketing & technology

  • We work faster and more efficient than any agency as we’re part of your team on-site

  • + 250 digital experts in 6 domains

  • We actively transfer knowledge and skills to your teams

  • Even if you hire only 1 expert, you’ll get a full team. This is our iceberg-principle

  • We are committed to your success

Some of our clients

  • BNP Paribas Logo
  • EDF Luminus Logo
  • Puilaetco Dewaay Logo
  • Essent Logo
  • sdworx logo
  • Novy Logo

Meet the Upthrusters

  • Dennis Peeters
    Senior performance marketer
    +10 years experience
  • Dennis De Cat
    Managing director
    +8 years experience
  • Michael Decoster
    Senior performance marketer
    +10 years experience
  • Oppie Adirono
    UX/UI & webdesign consultant
    +5 years experience
  • Tina Demeyer
    Online marketer & project manager
    +2 year experience
  • Jo Philippaers
    Digital manager & IT specialist
    +10 years experience
  • Cas Appelmans
    UX analyst & project manager
    +1 year experience
  • Martje Ceulemans
    Digital project manager & Campaign specialist
    +4 years experience
  • Ivan Sergeyssels
    Senior performance marketer
    +5 years experience
  • Tine Raeckelboom
    Digital Marketeer & Project Management
    +2 years experience
  • Stefan Herrebosch
    Team Lead & Growth Strategist
    +8 years experience

About Upthrust

UPTHRUST is an initiative of The House of Marketing answering a need for operational digital marketing (technology) talent by bridging the gap between marketing and IT. UPTHRUST helps its clients to achieve impactful digital marketing by offering an operationally-excellent and result-focused skill and knowledge set ranging from core online marketing knowledge to in-depth & hands-on tool expertise combined with deep marketing campaign acumen. We focus on six domains: operations, performance, technology, media, growth & design. We do both project and interim work and work for leading companies in Belgium.

Both UPTHRUST and The House of Marketing are part of the Quanteus Group and supported by Down2Earth Capital. Quanteus Group is a renowned professional services provider delivering significant impact on and contribution to the sustainable economic development of the local markets it is active in, and therefore ultimately to the well-being of the people in these markets.

Wonder where the name UPTHRUST is coming from? It’s plain and simple applied physics: gravity is a downward force that pulls an object down. UPTHRUST is the upward force that pushes an object up. In a client context, we translate this to the “iceberg principle”. Clients are only in contact with the tip of the iceberg, but 9/10th of an iceberg’s mass is unseen, deep down in the water. Every consultant is continuously coached, backed up by an extensive group knowledge base and nurtured in a sharing company culture. The importance of the iceberg principle within the group is reflected in the naming of one of our entities: Upthrust, the upward force that makes the iceberg float on the water.

Our Mentors

Great teams don’t build themselves! And great minds need to be challenged every once and a while. At UPTHRUST we believe strongly in the coaching & mentor principle. Therefore we’re continuously building a board of mentors that can support our people on their projects. It’s our way of delivering quality and applying the iceberg principle.

  • Clo Willaerts
    Clo Willaerts
    Coach in digital operations
  • Moons Tits
    Moos Tits
    Coach in growth marketing
  • Jo Philippaers
    Jo Philippaers
    Coach in digital technology
  • Dennis Kenis
    Dennis Kenis
    Coach in performance marketing

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6 reasons why you should join UPTHRUST

  1. We are NOT an agency. Our consultants work on-site at the client and become part of their team. This allows us to move fast and create the highest possible impact.

  2. Our team is composed of the best digital talents in Belgium. We fully embrace diversity without boundaries.

  3. You have the opportunity to work for A-class companies and switch projects every 2 – 6 months.

  4. You’re offered a personalized growth and development track.

  5. Balanced combination of both project and individual work.

  6. We’re offering growth options in all entities of Quanteus Group.

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