Averbode Uitgeverij
Case Study

Find out how we generated a revenue of €30.000,00 in three weeks time.

The challenge

Averbode Uitgeverijen found themselves in a crucial phase as a company. After a series of strategic work sessions with external parties, a number of growth areas have been defined, including direct sales to the home market (instead of through the current intermediary channels). 

As a first step, Averbode wants to try this concept through a “summer sales” approach to the existing holiday-and exercise books to the home market. In addition to achieving a known sales objective, it was especially important for the organization to understand the process of “growth marketing” and to acquire skills in digital marketing conversion tactics. Showing the potentials of e-commerce was one of the main goals here.


The approach of this project went according to a growth marketing methodology. Using this methodology, we divided the approach into 4 crucial steps with the Averbode team.

Our approach consisted of the following steps…

  • Quick Scan & Onboarding

The goal here was that our team works themselves in the Averbode market and the technological setting

  • Ideation, Experimentation & Backlog Building

We organized workshops with a clear list of ideas, building an experiment site, and drawing up a sprint planning to carry out the tests in a structured manner.

  • Run experiments

In this step, we started making materials, recombining existing assets, finishing the experiments backlog in collaboration with the team, performing kill/scale rounds on a weekly basis in order to continue working only with the best converting tactics. 

  • Cookbooks & Knowledge transfer

Step 4, the final step, was all about documenting and transferring the knowledge we build and developing best practices

The outcome

  1. We generated a revenue of €30.000,00 in three weeks with a total Ad Spend of €7.000,00
  2. The ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) increased by 4.
  3. We were able to collect over 12.000 relevant e-mail addresses.
  4. Campaigns are still running and yield around €3.000 every day.  

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