SD Worx
Case Study

SD Worx

Find out how we helped SD Worx attack a new market segment of SME's.

The challenge

SD Worx wanted to attack a new market segment of SMEs with a 100% digital offering. The company was working with Teal Partners on an internationally scalable SaaS offering.


Our approach consisted of the following steps…

  • We set up a series of workshops to discuss the work done so far (value proposition & development). ​
  • We did a competitive analysis to compare different solutions, pricing models & essential features. ​
  • We crystallized the value proposition, prioritized the longlist of ideas and translated them into experiments. ​
  • We set up a survey to test the interest in the functionalities of the product. ​
  • We asked for interest in features based on mock-ups & prototypes. ​
  • We tested the willingness to pay & willingness to pre-subscribe for the release of this new offering.

The outcome

  1. We found a smart way to test fine-tuned concepts by driving real traffic (clients, non-clients & prospects) to this new service offering in different countries. ​
  2. We refined the roughly drafted value proposition further to give them a commercial wrap designed for the targeted personas and DMU’s.​
  3. Although it wasn’t part of the briefing, we generated over 350 leads.

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