Vandemoortele case
Case Study


Optimizing Content Delivery and SEO to Successfully Launch Vandemoortele's Professional Culinary Platform in Belgium and the Netherlands

Vandemoortele, a Belgian family business since 1899, specializes in pastries, bakery goods, and Plant-Based Food Solutions. Tasked with creating a new online platform, it aims to serve professional cooks with recipes, articles, and product showcases in French and Dutch, targeting Belgium and the Netherlands. With plans to expand to Spain, France, and Italy, Vandemoortele’s international presence is set to grow, reflecting its global aspirations while being rooted in Belgian heritage.

The Objective

The primary goal was to manage and deliver content effectively for Vandemoortele’s new platform, ensuring the timely launch in both the Belgian and Dutch markets. This included overseeing article delivery, video delivery, establishing SEO foundations, integrating articles, video and recipes into the website using Drupal CMS, and contributing to various marketing initiatives.

The Challenge

The main challenge was establishing priorities and maintaining flexibility in an undefined role. While skilled in SEO, I was new to Drupal and had to adapt swiftly. The task involved coordinating with diverse teams and aligning with Belgian and Dutch marketing efforts. Demonstrating initiative, I navigated these challenges and adjusted my workload, increasing my working days when necessary to meet the project’s evolving needs.

The Approach

Project Management Framework

I worked with a dashboard for clear project oversight, allowing team members like journalists and translators to track progress. This ensured transparency and efficiency.

Stakeholder Engagement

I collaborated with various professionals, using regular meetings and tools like Asana and Excel to maintain a smooth workflow.

Technical and Creative Efforts

  • Drupal CMS: Quickly mastered Drupal, focusing on user experience and SEO for effective content management.
  • SEO Strategy: Used SEMrush for targeted keyword research, improving our content’s visibility.
  • Visuals: Handled photo selections, organized future shoots, and evaluated videos to enrich the platform’s appeal.
  • Spotify Podcast Channel: Established a Spotify podcast channel for distributing our podcasts, expanding our reach.

Proactive Solutions

When facing delays and slow agency responses, I proactively sourced new journalists to meet deadlines. Additionally, I used Adobe for whitepaper creation and taught colleagues how to utilize these tools, ensuring all materials were prepared on time and with less cost.

The Outcome

The project successfully launched Vandemoortele’s new platform on time, despite previous delays. Management praised the project’s execution and the smooth teamwork across countries. The client was pleased, and we ensured a smooth transition for the next team member. Additionally, the strong connection with colleagues underscored the team’s excellence.


The Vandemoortele project showcased my digital content expertise and client focus. Even as a newcomer to Drupal, I adapted quickly, setting up a clear project dashboard and working with diverse teams. My contributions—from a Spotify podcast channel to an Adobe whitepaper—demonstrated a comprehensive content strategy. I also prepared for future content, ensuring a smooth transition for my successor. This project was a key initial step in the platform’s integration, highlighting the importance of client-centered content creation for ongoing digital success.

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